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All You Need Is a LifeTrakBrite R450 to Monitor Your Health in 2015


A new fitness tracker, LifeTrakBrite R450 by Salutron aims to offer a comprehensive analysis of fitness and health.

R450 is not any rocket science; it just tracks your sleep, distance, daily steps, burned calories, workouts, heart rate, and automatically detects when you are sleepy and when you are awake. The device alerts you by vibrating when you need to be a little more active and it also comprises of an alarm, which as per company wakes you at the right time based on how you have slept. The device is now available for $120 on various major online shopping portals.

Brite R450 is one of those very few health and fitness trackers, which monitor even your light exposure, including the blue light. It is believed that excess blue light before going to bed can disturb your sleep and the company states that this device also alerts you when you need some extra natural light.

The device is equipped with various smart features too, which include alerts for texts, incoming calls, emails, texts, and also calendar reminders. The watch is also waterproof for up to 90 feet, so it can be worn while swimming or in the shower.

Brite R450 is one tracker, which can track ambient light and also provide brief information on all the data. A graph made by the app would display your exposure to “blue rich light” and “all light” over a period and the application also tells you for how long you were exposed to the “bright light”. According to the app, 30 minutes of bright light per day is good, but it might turn bad if it is either more or less than that. But the device doesn’t say if you need less or more blue light or if you were exposed to the blue light at the wrong time.

The device offers great takeaways in the form of strong vibrating notifications on your wrist. It buzzes to alert you to “get more light”, if you stayed in for a long time. Another alert would notify saying “let us walk now”, if you have been sitting for too long inside. The device would definitely notify you if any of your behavior is little less than optimal.

And if getting fit and healthy is the first thing in your mind for 2015, LifeTrakBrite R450 is the best thing for you.





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